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A company’s needs vary based upon industry trends, company size, culture, and philosophy. Why force a “cookie cutter” approach, or assign this specialized task to internal resources? Get a seasoned professional’s objective view by engaging tdp consulting on an as needed basis.

Organizational Needs Assessment

The Organization Needs Assessment is a preliminary review of your current learning collateral with an eye to:

#1 determine alignment with current organizational goals, and the 3-5 year plan

 #2 determine effectiveness based upon stated training objectives.  Are they measurable and relevant?

  A detailed report of findings and recommendations are included in this assessment.

Manage Remote Teams

There are significant benefits of remote teams.

You can

Broaden your talent pool
Reduce Facility Fixed Costs
Increase Retention
Maximize Flexibility

The challenge is – how to manage successfully?


Fundamentals of Managing a Remote Team

Self Care for Remote Team Members

Professional vs Administrative: What’s the Difference?

Time Management Reinvented

Communication Strategies


Course Development

Grounded in proven Instructional System Design (ISD) principles, tdp consulting offers customized services and products to meet your needs. We help you select the optimal mode for delivery: self-paced distance learning, webinars, or a blended solution.


Needs Assessment

Training, Planning, and Implementation

Course Design

Content Development

Technical Writing

Program Management

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